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So what is a VPN and why would you need one?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network that is layered on top of an underlying computer network. The private nature of a VPN means that the data travelling over the VPN is not generally visible to, or is encapsulated from, the underlying network traffic. Therefore making you secure, private and anonymous whilst surfing the net.

Who would use a VPN?

A VPN is generally used by people who wish to visit websites which have geo-restrictions in place. Ex-pats are the main users, wishing to view online media streaming websites from their home countries, i.e. British ex-pats gaining access to the BBC and ITV websites which have geo.restrictions in place. Users or expats living in China and several other countries for example are unable to access certain websites due to web filtering by the government!

Countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Some ISPs in China, Belarus, Bangladesh, Oman, Belize, Namibia and others are known to block users from their countries to access VOIP service such as Skype as well as other VOIP service such as Vonage. By utilizing a VPN account, you can virtually
relocate yourself to the country the VPN server is located and continue to benefit from low call rates these VOIP providers offer.

So if you are an ex-pat abroad who is missing your favourite tv programs from home or somebody who just wants to surf the net anonymously, then a VPN network account is for you.